Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh, what to say...

Some choice lines instead of quoting the whole damned thing.
The US Government now sending checks...

Even to Canada?
Like the Angels bringing the good news at Christmas-time you have given us a blessing, and a way to secure our home.
This grant was truly an answer to my prayers.
I was able to bless a divorced mother of three
The Grant-A-Day program is a Godsend!!

These came from four different testimonials and there seems to be a theme here. The US government is a tool of Zeus. Or possibly some other deity.
These are truly great kids who's dad is on death row.

Oh dear.
I really appreciate it! With this $500 I can pay for my son's textbooks for the entire year at military school! I am a single parent paying my son's school tuition without any help from his father. My son is a very patriotic 8th grader that wants to be a part of the war against terrorism.

I want to try to avoid getting political in this blog, but holy crap! These wars are going to keep going on that long?!?! Don't worry though, he can still sign up when he's old enough even if you don't get the grant.
He wants to be a helicopter pilot in the Marines or Air Force.

Oh, I see. Well, maybe he should learn to live with disappointment. Though at this rate, the war being over won't be one of them.

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