Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's a veritable essay of awfulness!

Most spams, like most legitimate advertisements, are short and to the point. Today, however, I received one for fake watches that went on and on and on and on...
Here now is the entire spam, links deleted, and despite the whole thing being quite delightful, I've put my favourite parts in bold with my own comments in [square brackets].
If you have a royal taste, and you identify quality and admire it whenever you see it then, it's likely one of the reason why sRolex, Breitling, Omega and other premium watches are so much tempting for you, no doubt they are crafted to excellence but still they are exceptionally high priced, which makes them unfeasible for many of us to purchase. A watch can say a lot about ones personality. It depicts your style and class. [Particularly if you go around wearing a cheap knockoff you bought from an unsolicited e-mail.]

A watch is that sort of gadget which people notice first when they see any person. If you have a shabby watch, you can end up with a dull first impression. Many times you must have thought of owning a sRolex watch [No, but I have looked at Rolex] and then all of a sudden must have realized that it's out of your budget. Most of us have such thoughts coming in our minds but, regrettably, finished up just chasing the dream. sRolex is undoubtedly the king of all watches, but the only setback is that its target audience does not include common man. Being the king of all watches, sRolex is extreme with its cost, but fashion lovers never mind sparing money to buy these sRo1exRep1icas.

The problem here though is that, the fine watches like Breitling, sRolex, Dior, Omega, Dolce & Gabbana, etc are very expensive. Here we are not talking about hundred dollars; it is sometimes in tens of thousands. In such a tough economic scenario, this is some amount which even some of the creamy layer people [This line alone is worth wading through this wall of text, you creamy layer people, you!] will not prefer paying for. People struggle for their budget for even the most vital things as their jobs are not secured. At this time a pleasant extravagance watch is far down in the purchase cart for most of us.

So what can be the possible solution for this?

Here comes our suggestion for that... buys any watchReplica, like Rep1icaRo1ex, Breitling, etc. Rep1icaWatches are accurate copies of the genuine watches except for the real metals used like platinum, diamond, gold, etc. If you are looking for a watch with good looks, then the rep1icaWatches are the things to try your hands on.

These days the rep1ica of all the major brands is available, and the best part about it is that they are available at very low price which is just a small division of the genuine watches. In fact you can grab a high quality Rep1icaRo1ex for just around $180-$300. The thing here to remember is that you should not go for very cheaper ones as there is very high possibility that these watches will be of very disappointing quality.

If you are having a high surplus income and that too in thousands of dollars then our suggestion here would be that go and buy the genuine watches, as it's a precious asset and they are very finely built. Be sure that you make enough research before making your purchase. Obviously you are spending huge, and so be sure that you are not betrayed with imitations. Internet being your best resource, you can find all exclusive collection of Rep1icaWatches matching your choice and flavor. Also, it is good and recommended to purchase at reputed showrooms offering original products

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