Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Does it get more blatant than this?

I've removed what may have been characters my computer doesn't support, but otherwise this is part of the spam as-is...
When we receive your payment, we will start processing your order immediately.WE NEED:You have to send by e-mail:

- name of university you want,- faculty and specialization,- year of graduating,- copy of your passport,- copy of your social security card,- 8 foto ?- copy of your high school diploma- copies of any other diplomas you have

I try not to blame the victim, but at this point you're basically begging them to steal your identity if you send them everything they're asking for.
HOW MUCH THIS DIPLOMA?We are working with Yale University, Columbia University, Duke University, The University of Chicago and with another universities inside and outside USA.Our prices starting from 8000 dollars to..(its depend on university you are choosing and possibility to do it)

$8000! To START!!! The fake diploma people don't usually give prices. I knew this was a racket, but holy crap!
"Here's $8000. Now please give me a worthless piece of paper and steal my identity. Thank you."

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