Friday, June 12, 2009


We hope you enjoy receiving emails from Kuxqnyza.

At one time I didn't enjoy receiving spam from anyone, even those with exotic alien names. But that was before I discovered the joy of just how awful most of it is. I'm sure most people would reply to the above with a resounding "No" though.
Copyright ¿2000-2009 Ilql, Inc.
538509, Inc. 61217 dswn xoufheb, WK 88185

See what I mean by alien? Even their address is not of this planet. Unless it's just some spammer lazily and randomly typing on keys to fill out spots in a form, but that would never happen!
My last piece of evidence? What they're trying to sell me!
Enhance sexual Desire , Try Acai Berry.

I actually do enjoy a delicious acai berry drink. It's a yummy fruit and fruits are good for you. The modern diet doesn't get enough. But enhancing sexual desire? That's no common earthly acai berry we're talking about here!

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