Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Words almost fail me


We facilitate a program that will allow anyone with average qualifications to fetch a fully legit University Degree - Bachelors, Masters or even a Doctorate.

Pick up the fone and call us now

1.305.***.**** Drop your msg with your full name and number to contact you back

Our professor will get back to you shortly.

There just so much that's awesomely horrible about this.
"Pick up the fone..." Unlike most phony... er, fony diploma spams, they managed to get most of the spelling right (we'll ignore the grammar and some unfortunate capitalization). This is the word they stumble on?

"Drop your msg..." Yo.

"Our professor will get back to you shortly." Because yes, in real universities it's the professors who handle all of the administration stuff.

Anyway, if you're curious the area code is for the county of Miami-Dade in Florida, so it's probably just a party fake college anyway.

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