Monday, July 6, 2009

And they're not even selling pharmaceuticals!

A lazily raspy fire hydrant can be kind to a cosmopolitan paper napkin. Another minivan related to the senator buys an expensive iKbVI\bWZ^KMQTLRCFNAFK gift for the eggplant. Any movie theater can pee on the carelessly gentle particle accelerator, but it takes a real cab driver to be a big fan of a barely gratifying buzzard. Any power drill can sanitize the wrinkled football team, but it takes a real roller coaster to trade baseball cards with a submarine related to a girl scout.A carelessly smelly canyon

This goes on and on and on from just the snippet I'm quoting. I know the point of a wall of text like that is to try and bypass spam filters (bad news, spammer, my e-mail client still caught it), but do they have to mess with our minds with such insanely surreal random collections of words?

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